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The Hanging of Angelique - Essay Example

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“The Hanging of Andellique,” deals with the suffering of Marie Joseph Angelique, a slave woman who undergoes a severe torture throughout her life. When the Montreal burned in 1734, she was arrested accused of the crime. She was the true symbol of the sufferings of the slaves…
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The Hanging of Angelique
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"The Hanging of Angelique"

Download file to see previous pages After being accused, Angelique is subjected for severe torture. Though they question her for identifying her involvement and her companions in the crime, they could not win in their attempt. Before burning her alive they paraded her through the city. Her arrival from Portugal to Canada as a slave marked with the shameful brutality and oppression from others. “Angelique did not flee because she found her enslavement humiliating, awful, and suffocating [.]”(Bonnie, 2006). Thus one can conclude that the suffering of Angelique cannot find much parallel in literature that her character stands much above the other charters of her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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