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The paper aims to find out if the level of English education that a person has received, plays any significant role in the number of grammatical omissions that he commits. In general it can be said that there indeed is a significant difference between the various groups, but to…
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Data Analysis using two way repeated measure ANOVA
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Download file to see previous pages h course abroad, the second group enrolled themselves in a short course and the third group comprises of students who are the alumni of the American University and have completed the IEP requirements. The methodology of the test is that, all the participants irrespective of the group which they belong to, are subjected to two sets of observations – the first, before they received an English education and the second, after they received one. After the required data is collected, comparisons are made between the differences in the levels of omissions for all the students irrespective of their education.
1. H01: There is a significant difference in the levels of omission between the class of students who never enrolled themselves in any English course with the class of students who have completed a short course in English.
2. H02: There is a significant difference in the levels of omission between the class of students who have completed a short course in English with the class of students who have completed the IEP requirements.
Before any lessons on English education was imparted, the people who received no English education from abroad are found to make an average of 15 mistakes against 20 mistakes of those who have received a short education from abroad. However, the standard deviation is found to be very high for the latter implying that the number of mistakes is heterogeneous among the population. On the other hand, after both the classes received English education, the numbers of mistakes were significantly reduced for both the classes. However, it was found to be lower for the second group than the first; even the standard deviation measures were lower for the second group as well implying that there was a considerable and uniform improvement in knowledge among the latter group. The descriptive statistics table in support of the above statements has been presented as under –
To test the aforesaid hypothesis (H01), the relevant statistic is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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