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WWhat is attitude Can a individual change his/her attitude How does a change in attitude occur - Essay Example

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It may be positive or negative. Positive attitude will help to achieve things where as a negative attitude could turn everything upside down. Attitude helps in determining a person’s character. Attitude may…
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WWhat is attitude Can a individual change his/her attitude How does a change in attitude occur
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Download file to see previous pages People change when they are moved from the state of fear to trust. Though the attitude cannot be changed overnight, but once it is changed it helps one to win over all the situations and succeed in life. By controlling negative thoughts and developing self confidence one can easily build a positive attitude.
Attitude is a quality that reflects one’s personality. It is determined by a person’s behavior or reaction to a particular situation. Attitude of a person is decided on the way he thinks and acts. It constitutes of what a person thinks, what he does and what he feels. Attitude consists of some components like affective, cognitive and behavioral. (Richard 1986). Each of the components explains the various reactions of a person. Affective component is composed of one’s feelings and his assessment in a situation. The belief of an individual is included in cognitive component and behavioral component determines how a person acts. These components can be known by talking, observing the person or by their physical activities. Each individual may react differently in a given situation. Emotions play a vital part in everyone’s life. The way of expressing their emotions may differ. One may exhibit anger while another may express some sort of frustration. A person should possess a positive attitude which will help them to lead a better life. Positive attitude in the working environment reduces conflicts that occur among team members.
In any situation, a person may respond to it emotionally and behave in a particular way as he may have some kind of thought regarding that situation. Attitude can also be based on the experiences one comes through in life. Attitude is generally based on these three components. If a person has the habit of deciding on something based on his beliefs, then he is said to have a cognitive attitude. (Pratt 2009). These people think about an object’s advantages and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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