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I could not remember how three years passed by, because I really have been busy working there. I had to learn how to handle many machines and their procedures, as I worked in intensive care unit (ICU). Gradually, I…
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Download file to see previous pages I felt like my heart is going to explore. A couple days later, I registered NCLEX-RN class (National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse). I studied very hard. I did not feel tired. I felt like I can fly. I could not stop smiling at work, because I had a new dream. I passed the exam at first attempt. I quitted job and find an agency. I was interviewed and accepted in “A” group for which I only need to pay 25% of one-year program. I told my family at one night that I am going to America in two months. It was like having a funeral service at home. My mom and sister started crying and told me that the agency is going to sell me. My sister said if I leave for America, she was going to die. My dad and little brother were shocked. My lovely sister cried so much, so I could not persist in my plan. I folded my plan just for a while.
I got a new job. Actually, I was scouted from the previous work. This was a new opening hospital. I had to teach other nurses and assistants one-on-one, because they do not had any experience in this department. It has been going really well. I was very pleased after hearing that I have strong leadership skill from the director of the department. On a very bright day, my father got a letter, which was about my grandmother land with two other people, and they wanted to sell it. As a result, we got enough money to buy a house, and paid back all the loans. I desensitized my family that America is not dangerous, as my sister said she is going to die if I leave. I opened my dream file again. I found a new agency, got a phone number from the owner of the agency, and asked her if it is okay, my mom calls you to ask questions. My mom talked with the owner for an hour, and then said I can go there.
A week later, I had a dinner with my male friends, and I announced that I might go to America in four months. I got a phone call from a male friend with whom I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Synopsis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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