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How thin is too thin - Essay Example

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Fitness conscious people have taken levels of fitness to an unprecedented level, people have realized the need to be fit and they work towards getting a perfect body all the time. Dies consciousness has gone up amongst the masses and this has also brought about very positive…
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How thin is too thin
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Download file to see previous pages ir collections in New York last week, appeared so gaunt and thin that their knees and elbows were larger than their concave thighs and pipe cleaner arms, and their bobbling heads looked as if a slight breeze could detach them from their frail bodies.” (When is this too thin?)
Models set fitness standards and models have become skinny these days, they follow a very strict diet and make it a point to exercise. It is almost impossible to decide how thin is too thin; the fashion industry is one industry which requires great levels of fitness. Extra flesh on a person’s body can literally ruin his chances of becoming a model; in the case of females this becomes even much more demanding. Models have set standards and they have also popularized the concept of size zero which has become very popular these days.
The bones and the ribs of these models are palpable to the audience and this is when one starts to wonder how do they manage to do that? Some people don’t find the frail look very attractive, it does not look good on females and they don’t look feminine. The designers require thin models to showcase their collection and hence it becomes imperative for them to be as thin as they possibly can. Most of these models suffer from eating disorders and this is why they lose a lot of weight and get reduced to bones. This is seen as a life threatening risk by many people, one gets really worried when their bones and ribs are visible.
“Complaints about the idolization of role models who suggest unhealthy lifestyles are culturally endemic. Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton have all been subjects of tabloid headlines asking, “Are they too thin?” In all likelihood, the answer is yes, but that does not stop magazines from displaying their pictures or, likewise, designers from casting thin models in their shows.” (When is this too thin?)
Very thin models have been in the modeling industry for the last so many decades ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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