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Culture group presentation (American Indian) - Essay Example

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People from all over the world migrate to America in search of opportunities, prosperity and stability. America has openly welcomed people from diverse cultures and accommodated them happily. Hence it…
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Culture group presentation (American Indian)
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Download file to see previous pages All this contributes to the manner in which in which one would regard his or her profession and make contribution towards richness of the culture and profession. These cultural characteristics are easily observed in a day to day task is carried on by an individual as well.
In a country like India, in medical profession, especially doctors are considered to be miracle workers. The trust on the medical profession is immense. Along with the medical training the doctors receive, it is expected that the doctors would be empathetic and compassionate towards the patient whom they are treating with their knowledge. Both these qualities come naturally in the Indian race. Making elderly patients feel comfortable in the dispensary, for ex: giving them a hand while they climb up and down the hospital cots, talking to them to quiet their fears, helping their relatives, will all have a basic element of treating the elders with respect and love which is taught to Indians since their childhood. This factor will be absolutely evident in the manner in which the Indian doctors will treat their patients.
Another different characteristic of Indian psychology will be turning to alternative medicine rather than allopathic medicines. Indian traditional medicine also believes in the well being of a person, that is the spiritual, physical and psychological balance of a human being. The harmony in these three factors contributes to the healthy life of a human immensely. Hence the western medicine is also increasingly tilting towards meditation and yoga. Doctor scientist such as Dean Ornish has effectively used Indian therapies in his famous experiment of reversing heart disease and leading a healthy and balanced life. It is not only about homeopathic medicines but also about naturopathic or ayurvedic medicines which people have been taking without any medical consultation and trusting them. Medicinal property ingredients ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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