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Dubai and California in Differences and Similarities - Admission/Application Essay Example

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However, there are beautiful places that are exclusively seen on other countries so a person should travel, and that kind of leisure activity is called tourism. Tourism may vary depending on purpose such as for…
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Dubai and California in Differences and Similarities
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Download file to see previous pages Two of the most beautiful places in the world are Dubai and California. Dubai is one of the emirates and is the most populous state of the United Arab Emirates same as California, which is the most populous state of the United States of America. Dubai is known to be a city of excitement and has a lot of surprises. It serves as a business hub and plays a big role for the progress of the economy. It is indeed a tourist spot for so many reasons such as its location, free and balanced economic policy, strong infrastructures and naturally rich in natural resources.
On the other hand, California generates its income mostly from trade. It is the third largest state in the United States when it comes to land area and is located West coast. The state is viewed to be the land of opportunity; thus, people around the world are enjoying their chance to live in this exciting place (“California”).
Tourism in Dubai and California has got some similarities and differences of course. Primarily, the two are both part of a large country and strategically located at their respective areas. Also, both depend on trading, producing and exporting; they just differ on the products.
Dubai is a good place for seminars, conference or trade exhibition because hotels and some public establishments such as Dubai World Trade Center and other are capable of holding any size of such activity. In order to enter the Emirate of Dubai, travelers have to have a visa depending on the citizenship such as the Dubai citizens, citizens of some Europe states and other, and can easily get a permit to enter the place while selected countries can enter without the need for any visa. The tourists can get the visa through a reservation for at least a night. They would need a copy of the passport and the arrival date. The accommodations in Dubai are expensive if you will look for all the major attractions as the finest hotels are found in the place ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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