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FORMAL PROBLEM-SOLUTION on ENVIRONMENTAL: In 2008, an estimated 10.7 million tonnes of packaging waste was disposed of in the UK. If this continues, the environmental impact could be catastrophic - Essay Example

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Massive environmental destructions are witnessed by both the developing and the developed countries. They are manifested in various typhoons, landslides, floods, hurricanes and other catastrophic events. The…
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FORMAL PROBLEM-SOLUTION ESSAY on ENVIRONMENTAL: In 2008, an estimated 10.7 million tonnes of packaging waste was disposed of in the UK. If this continues, the environmental impact could be catastrophic
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"FORMAL PROBLEM-SOLUTION on ENVIRONMENTAL: In 2008, an estimated 10.7 million tonnes of packaging waste was disposed of in the UK. If this continues, the environmental impact could be catastrophic"

Download file to see previous pages One of the discoveries in material engineering is plastic. It is used for many of our household products such as eating utensils, chairs and even cabinets. Cheap and light as it may seem, plastic has large costs especially to our environment. There are about 5 billion to 1 trillion plastic used every year around the globe (Wittenberg, 2009). It has certainly helped lighten way of doing things but “plastic bags, plastic bottles, and other synthetic materials have contributed to the world’s biggest garbage dump, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean” (Wittenberg, 2009). Plastic does not just hurt our oceans but also our wildlife. “Every year over 1 million marine mammals, reptiles and birds, succumb to death by plastic bags. Animals can become entangled with them which may result in loss of limb or death and routinely ingest them” (Wittenberg, 2009). Since plastics take time to decompose, they absorb toxic chemicals like PCBs and DDE from the surrounding water, thus the ocean animals that fed on them get a dose of deadly synthetic compounds (Wittenberg, 2009). Plastics are also found to be “full of poisons that kill living things including people” (Lundberg). They contain cancer-casing petrochemicals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, dioxins, PCBs (Lundberg).
Aside from plastic, there are also wastes emitted from mining companies and factories. Mining wastes usually come from the wastes from extraction and processing of mineral resources (European Commission). On the other hand, factory wastes emit toxins such as mercury causing pollution in the air.
One of the most powerful tools in abating the use of harmful materials is government policy. In the Kyoto Protocol, for example, industrialized countries promised to reduce their green house gas emission by a certain percentage so as to lessen the danger to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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