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What are Old People For - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Seeing an immobile elderly man or woman on a wheelchair makes us wonder what it is like to be in that position. Old folks have many stories to tell if one would find time to listen. It is a sad thing that…
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Download file to see previous pages The brilliance of men and modernization has found ways to gracefully do away with old people through sophisticated nursing homes. Nursing homes are well meaning institutions nevertheless devoid of the warm atmosphere of a family life. Thus, the question at hand is what are old people for? Have they become like some kind of an incurable sickness to cope with?
William H. Thomas, M.D. in his book “What are Old People for?” gives insights on aging. He says “It is time to enjoy what aging has to offer us, and actually welcome it into our lives”. Probably those old people who are lucky enough to be welcomed to stay in the family, instead of being sent to a nursing home can actually enjoy growing old better. I knew an old lady in her nineties who was a happy person until she died. Her daughter who was my friend told me how an independent person she was, and probably if given an option, she would have chosen to live alone without a caregiver. But her fragility did not allow that to happen, and so she lived with the loving assistance of her daughter who was always seeing her in a daily basis, and a caregiver who lived with her and took care of her until she died. She suffered from Parkinson’s disease that even though was mild, have made her daily routines difficult to accomplish. It was very frustrating for her to be dependent on someone else for the simplest task of combing her hair in the morning, and going to the toilet when she needed. Over time she learned to accept this fact of aging, and have become appreciative of every help she got. She was considerably lucky and enjoyed every season of her life because the people whom she cared about were there for her until the end. Metamorphosis is the word Dr. William H. Thomas used to describe aging. While young people love the idea of a beast turned into a handsome man or a frog turned into a prince, many people cannot accept the fact that one day a beautiful prince will actually turn into a beast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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