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Visits to Career Centers - Essay Example

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M., Hindmarsh, N., & Buikstra, E. (2007). Informing rural and remote students about careers in health: The effect of Health Careers Workshops on course selection. Aust. J. Rural Health , 15, 59–64.
The authors have undertaken the study to bring out the influence of…
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Visits to Career Centers
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"Visits to Career Centers"

Download file to see previous pages The authors have undertaken a few different techniques of research for this paper. A total of 277 postal questionnaires were sent out to the post participants of the health career workshops. In the questionnaires, 15 out of the 68 questions related to the impact of the workshop on the career decision and the decision made by the respondents. These questionnaires were sent out in 2002. Following this, another set of similar questionnaires were sent out in 2005, to a total of 208 participants.
Of the 2002 questionnaires, a total of 94 people responded and they were then invited to participate in a telephonic interview, to enable the authors gain as much information as possible about the career, course and the choice. The telephonic survey questionnaire was developed and designed to seek as much information about the course and the career decisions made by the participants. It also aimed at gaining the opinions of the participants about the effects of the attendance at the health career workshops. The researches were all conducted by the same person between November 2004 and December 2004.
The findings of the research highlighted that almost 63 of the 70 people who attended the workshops were impacted to a great extent by the workshop. Their decision making was based on the workshop and helped them choose the right path for their career. A few of the respondents replied,
The research also brought out different answers where the workshop had acted as a means for people to correct their career pathway and move into something which interested the respondents most. One of the responses reads: ‘I realised that health was not a career pathway for me. It made me realise that my interest lay in animal and not human health’. Another one of the responses read, ‘ Even though I have not chosen a health career, the workshop made me aware of a career in general and discussed many options about tertiary education, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Visits to Career Centers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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