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Close Reading from a Gothic novel, The Monk: A Romance - Essay Example

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Mathew Lewis’s book The Monk: A Romance demonstrates the wild decline of Ambrosio, a Capuchin leader who is tempted by a young and attractive girl named Metilda. As a Gothic novel The Monk provides the new concept of relation between man, nature and an absolute being. The…
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Close Reading from a Gothic novel, The Monk: A Romance
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Download file to see previous pages Author portrays the character of Ambrosio as an image to express the ideological conflict between religion and human sexuality which formed in the mind of human beings. The conflict is successfully dramatized through the character of Ambrosio. Sexual and religious images are the highlighting literary devices which dominate in the given passage. Lewis explains exceptionally well, the satanic control over an individual improbable to surrender. Lewis uses highly emotional and controversial language to convey his ideas to the readers.
Lewis presents his protagonist in the novel with the attributes of sexual temptation and scene in which the ghost of Bleeding Nun appears exemplifies it well. Though Ambrosio is a religious person he never tries to love God, instead he has more slant to physical pleasures which causes for the hallucination or mental abstraction as we see in the given passage. He always loves himself. Through the character of the monk Lewis draws the picture 18th century religious life and its spiritual deterioration. It is the lack of this spiritual quality that torments his moral courage and the same leads him to a doctor for treating his mental stress. Thus the passage makes clear that Ambrosio could not bear the tension of the scene. There is a variety of political and sexual anxieties, such as apprehensions about masculine woman and feminine men.
Lewis coined the unique image sex through the characters of Ambrosio, Metilda and Agnes. Steven Blakemore (1998) comments; “Catholicism, in The Monk, is the religion of perverse feminization, and yet there are other role reversals that suggest that the gender inversions of the traditional sexual hierarchies appalled yet fascinated Lewis and his audience.
The image of bleeding nun reveals a kind of role reversals in the novel The Monk. Satanic marriage ceremony and the demonic sexual possession are the striking images used by Lewis in this novel. The image of Lucifer effectively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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