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A holiday i don't like - Essay Example

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Therefore a holiday can ensure people considerable relief from work related stress. It has been proven that the level of individual performance is highly…
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A holiday i dont like
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Download file to see previous pages New Year Eve (late hours of December 31 and the early hours of January 1st) is the event I do not like. Although it is a social holiday in the United States (, I have found few of the public activities relevant to the practical life. Moreover, I have been frequently haunted by the aching memories of a black New Year Eve since my childhood.
I dislike this holiday for numerous reasons. Initially, I do not find any fun in saying good bye to the outgoing year and welcoming a better new year since we are solely responsible for the peace and adversity of our lives. It is ridiculous that people undertake new commitments in the beginning of every year and forget them as time passes. Subsequently lives go worse than that of the previous year and people again burn effigy of the outgoing year as if it was the perpetrator for the hardship. Taking great vows and putting little effort to perform them make little change in one’s life. This is what generally happens with people in every New Year event.
Furthermore, many people who participate in the New Year celebration are not really aware of the relevance of the activities and functions. To the majority of them it is the day of unlimited fun and abuse.
Drunkards and thugs make complete mayhem and perform anti-social activities and crimes on this eve. The whole nation plunges into atrocity on every New Year eve and in fact, New Year dawn wakes up from a horrible night of disorder. The excessive consumption of alcohol intensifies accidents, conflicts, fights, and deaths. Several people die because of fireworks mishaps and other accidents.
It was at the age of twelve, I confronted with the evil facet of New Year celebration for the first time in my life. My parents were highly religious that they used to attend ‘Watch Night’ on every New Year Eve.
Manhattan with its all beauty appeared to be alluring in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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