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Discuss, analyze, and evaluate Robert Frank's famous photo- New Oleans - Research Paper Example

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1924) was a Zurich born Swiss immigrant who published his historical and iconic piece of work titled “The Americans.” Originally, many critics thought of Robert Frank as an enemy and agitator whose work was…
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Discuss, analyze, and evaluate Robert Franks famous photo- New Oleans
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Download file to see previous pages ty, he happened to show the photographs to a writer named Jack Keruoac, who immediately agreed to give him a good write up in response to his photographic works. From then on, there was no turning back as he embarked on a fruitful an interesting journey of success.
One of his most successful photographs was titled “New Orleans” that Frank clicked while he was on one of his holiday trips with his family. All through the journey he had taken out many photographs, in fact about 27,000 thousand of them of which the photograph titled ‘New Orleans’ was one. From these photographs Frank chose 83 images for a vote which he published in 1958 and titled ‘Les Americains.’ All of Frank’s photographs speak volumes as each character seems so lifelike and filled with emotion. This famous photograph that was titled “New Orleans” was one that has stood the test of time, just for the sheer way in which it was captured. The photograph portrays an acute consciousness of the prevailing conditions in America when discrimination and segregation were at its peak. Frank’s camera explicitly captures the essence of a segregated trolley car of New Orleans, which shows its passengers seated one behind the other. The passengers were five in number comprising of three white individuals and two who were black. The photograph speaks for itself because as soon as you cast eyes on it, you could easily make out the social injustice with which the black population was treated. This particular photograph is filled with melancholic meaning and evokes a sense of sincerity and truth of what America was during the 50’s. This photograph is one of Frank’s most popular ones and finds its honorable place in most of the exhibitions around the world.
During the editing of the photographs for the book ‘The Americans’, he placed two of his best images together placing them on the same negatives. These photographs were “Canal Street - New Orleans " and the shot was a reverse angle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss, Analyze, and Evaluate Robert Frank'S Famous Photo- New Oleans Research Paper.
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