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Honest Graft - Essay Example

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He had his own views regarding politics and other social issues like drinking. His ways of earning money were different from others which he named the honest graft. This essay will focus upon the…
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Honest Graft
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Download file to see previous pages believed that an honest graft is one which is because of the foreseeing power of an individual and it does not involve the money of treasury or the state government. He described honest graft as one in which an individual foresees an upcoming opportunity and avails it for his benefit. For example if the individual realizes that the government may be wanting space to build a park on a specific land, he would buy that land before hand so that he can sell it later on a higher price. Whereas in dishonest graft there is involvement of black money that is from sources such as gambling and treasury. An example of this is when an individual steals money from the treasury and utilizes it for his own use. I agree with Plunkitt as the honest graft can be a business in itself and this can be done by any individual who knows how to avail opportunities.
Plunkitt had his own standpoint in politics. He criticized the reformers and their role in politics in the mid to late 1800’s. He believed that reformers were just the beginners in the game of politics. They were not able to interpret the bluffs and games around which the whole scenario of politics revolved. He opined that they were not able to clean up the government and politics because these individuals who were not even trained for politics tried to enter politics and change the whole scenario. Usually these individuals came out successfully in the beginning but gradually all these reformers had to exit because they were not capable of handling the overall scenario of politics.
Plunkitt claimed that his party and all its members were dedicated to their country and the well being of its individuals. Their patriotism could clearly be seen in the incidents quoted in the book when the party members celebrated their independence like nobody else did. As described “Four hours under a big silk hat in a hall where the heat registers 110 and the smoke 250!” (RIORDIN, Chapter 17) Here it can be clearly seen that the leader ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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