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Bullying Behavior in Middle School Review - Essay Example

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The author used the Blumer’s theory of symbolic interactionism to clarify the views on vicarious victimization through viewing bullying. This theory consists of three premises and the author uses this…
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Bullying Behavior in Middle School Review
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Download file to see previous pages The theory is used to demonstrate that individuals have a huge impact of their surroundings and activities done by or with their associates. They perceive things (e.g. victimization or bullying) from the interacted people and their experiences. The third premise reveals that even if individuals do not go through bullying or victimization, they presume and get an adverse effect on their acts and thoughts. These negative activities harm them as much as the victims. The theory is successfully implemented and employed throughout the paper and has helped in drawing the conclusions.
This research is very helpful in understanding the behavioral factors of bullying and victimization among younger generation. This research adds a new and incredible piece in this subject. However, there are some limitations related to this research paper. The research conducted by Mongold cannot be taken as a research producing conclusions that fit-to-all. In simple words, the research paper is conducted on the basis of a single middle school’s setting which cannot be estimated as true for the whole city, state or world. The conclusions drawn have effect of a number of factors including the thoughts, views, values, behaviors, cultures and backgrounds of individuals. Individuals that are a part of a single organization may be influenced by the aims, rules and objectives of it. In addition, the views about bullying and victimization can also be affected by continuous imposition of these matters on children by lectures, conduct or education. Since the guidance counselors conduct ‘bully-proof’ lessons annually, it is more probable that the views and conduct of individuals are affected by it. Another question that can be raised on the credibility of the conclusions drawn can be the accuracy of data collected through questionnaires. The questionnaires consisted of a number of questions and it is probable that the participants may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bullying Behavior in Middle School Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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