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Learning style inventory paper - Essay Example

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Discuss how development of an educational program is influenced by personal styles. Do these strengths fit your perceived strengths? Why or why not? Reflect on what was discovered through this survey.
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Learning style inventory paper
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Download file to see previous pages The assessment of learning style in this assessment has used multi-intelligence theory, and as evident from the analysis, I although have different forms of intelligence, my predominant intelligence is intrapersonal. I have scored positive points in each of the questions posed in section 4, and according to this theory my intelligence is intrapersonal. This means I have ability of self-analysis and reflection. I can quietly contemplate my accomplishments. I often examine my own feelings and behaviour. I set goals for myself through examination of my abilities and through plans. In a nutshell, I have capacity to know myself. It also indicates I would benefit from learning myself with my own effort with preference for belonging to my own private world through independent and introspective learning. Since in most of the cases I focused on my thoughts and concentrated on my feelings I would say that my learning style is intrapersonal.
The learning style is an important parameter for development of an educational programme. The learning style, as indicated by Dureva and Tuparov (2006), reflect the method of processing and accepting information by the learners. Therefore, while designing an educational programme, awareness of student learning styles would be very important (Dureva and Tuparov, 2006). Evans and Waring (2006) indicated in their study that although many of the differences of learning achievements between different cognitive styles were not apparent, at least the interpersonal and intrapersonal characteristics of the wholists and the analytics were perceived to be important in designing a program of education. They are known to considerably impact the delivery and planning in the classroom. It has been concluded that if a truly inclusive educational program is intended to be designed, due consideration to the learning styles of the students must be paid (Evans and Waring, 2006). Applying Hoerr (2000) principles, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Style Inventory Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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