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Educational administration The Basic Guide to Super Vision and Instructional Leadership By: Carl D. Glickman - Essay Example

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It is an effective model for displaying behaviors used in a decision-making process. Skillful and effective use of these behaviors can…
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Educational administration The Basic Guide to Super Vision and Instructional Leadership By: Carl D. Glickman
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Download file to see previous pages The decision-making process is based on ten types of diverse behaviors which are included in the continuum. These behaviors are: listening, clarifying, encouraging, reflecting, presenting, problem solving, negotiating, directing, standardizing, and reinforcing. Each behavior is categorized into one of the four subgroups: nondirective, collaborative, directive informational, and directive control.
The nondirective supervision method considers every teacher is master in his subject, so he is the best person to alter instructional changes. This leadership strategy emphasizes on developing critical thinking process of the teacher so that the decision could be taken on his or her own. The supervisor plays passive role in putting forth new ideas in the discussion unless specifically asked. The actual design of the decision is not supposed to change by the feedbacks given by the supervisor. Under the able guidance of the administrator or supervisor, teachers are probed to answer leading questions, and in-depth thought and analysis of diverse ideas. These leadership strategies are equally effective in group settings. Administrator listens carefully about the perceptions of the group members, and encourages all the members to express themselves and would
constantly clarify and reflect on what they were saying. After the discussion of the issue, each member is involved to propose new possible actions to arrive at logical solution. When an administrator is part of a small group of teachers, same strategy is followed by the supervisor so that under his supervision decision making process of his colleagues is improved without his interference. For effective implantation of this leadership style, the administrator should explain his use of such an approach, discuss its significance, and describe what is expected. In certain cases, it may be up to the administrator to offer additional support, work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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