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Newspaper article analysis - Essay Example

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A recent a special report to CNN highlights the importance of sound environmental business practices in light of the recent controversies surrounding pollution in China. The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing brought home just how polluted China’s industrial cities have become and…
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Newspaper article analysis
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Extract of sample "Newspaper article analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The main contributor to this piece is Jim Rogers, the CEO of Duke Energy, a company which has traditionally made its earnings through the burning of coal power but now is aiming to implement clean energy solutions in China. Is China ignoring its environmental obligations, as some American politicians will have us believe, or is China investing in alternative sources of energy to combat the environmental problems that it presently faces? Yes, contrary to popular opinion, "China leads the world with its massive investment in energy efficiency and renewable power" (Rogers, Lash, Sung, 2009). Despite these changes, the authors readily admit that rapid Chinese economic growth was devastating to the environment. Accordingly, these authors controversially assert that China may be in fact ahead of the United States in certain environmentally-friendly business concepts. China has a centralized bureaucratic state which is capable of implementing changes from above much more effectively. These authors argue that cooperation between these two nations must exist as China and the United States are “worlds two largest emitters of greenhouse gases” (Rogers, Lash, Sung, 2009). Accordingly, China and the United States must work together in order to solve the pollution problem afflicting this planet.
In what context was this article written? Far from being impartial, this article was spearheaded by the CEO of Duke Energy, a company with vested business interests in China with respect to their renewable energy efforts. It is important to note that CNN gave the article a caveat from the outset altering the reader of Mr. Rogers’ status as a businessman with a vested interest in making China look good. What is interesting to note is the title, “Coal-burning CEO: U.S., China must fight pollution” which bears little resemblance to the actual content of the article. In fact, it appears to discredit Mr. Rogers. This is an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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