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Analyze Roger Dubuis' (high-end watches) press kit - Essay Example

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At the outset, it starts off with an attention grabbing statement about 2004 being a turning point for Roger Dubuis, the founder of the Company SOGEM S.A. It presents an overall summary of aspects…
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Analyze Roger Dubuis (high-end watches) press kit
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"Analyze Roger Dubuis' (high-end watches) press kit"

Download file to see previous pages The mission of the Company is also stated and the major underlying themes are clearly spelt out: creativity, innovation and boldness.
The Press kit then sets out in detail, each of the individual items that was summarized in the capsule of information presented at the outset. Firstly, it presents a timeline of the Company’s history sets out the history of SOGEM S.A., which was founded in 1995, including the development of the various collections and their distinguishing features. The next section of the Press kit deals specifically with the development of the sports watch collection and the development of the Geneva boutique. The two original collections “Hommage” and “Sympathie” have been rejuvenated in 2004, into two collections that are different from the original both aesthetically and technically. These two collections cater not only to men but also to women.
This is followed by yet another section of the report which explains the features of the “Just for Friends” collection. The distinctive element of this collection is pointed out, i.e, it contains an engraving from Dubuis – “Just for friends”, which in turn makes it an exclusive sports watch. The next section of the Press kit focuses specifically with the Company’s ability to maintain a leading edge by constantly establishing new standards for technology, quality and design by adhering to the strict requirements for the Geneva seal. The next segment of the report summarizes the progress of the Manufacture Roger Dubuis and the expansion of the building to cope with the future demands that are likely to arise. The last segment of the report explains the expansion plans of the Company and the proposed boutiques which are to be set up at various locations in Asia. The Press Kit provides a capsule of the communication strategy the Company has followed, including the transmission of images of glamour and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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