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Discussion and problem solving questions - Essay Example

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Discussion and problem solving questions
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"Discussion and problem solving questions"

Download file to see previous pages It is also great storage of large digital files like digital music and digital photos/movies (
3. With the capability to store digital music, the audio CD has revolutionized the way we play and listen to recorded music. Now music can be downloaded over the Internet and played on PCs, solid-state MP3 players, and other electronic devices. Does this signal the beginning of the end of the audio CD? Explain.
Now that music can be easily down loaded from the Internet, it seems that audio CDs are actually in danger of extinction just like those vinyl LPs of old times. Young people today are incapable of listening to one whole album due to the short attention span they have. The consumers of the world today cannot be forced to buy one whole album when what they want is just that one song or music they can download from the Internet so easily (Meagher, 2009).
4. Today’s continuous speech-recognition systems are able to interpret spoken words more accurately when the user talks in phrases. Why would this approach be more accurate than discrete speech where the user speaks one word at a time with a slight separation between words?
There are two types of speech recognition software; the discreet and continuous. The latter is the latest technology that is capable of reading the speech which is spoken continuously. Speech recognition is definitely helpful tool for professionals and students who are doing a lot of typing, but it is also a helpful tool for people with disability. Continuous speech recognition is better and more accurate than discreet, because it allows the user to talk in a more natural and comfortable manner, but it requires higher specified PCs. It requires higher RAM and faster processor (Davis, 1999).
5. Describe the benefits of using a notebook PC, in conjunction with an LCD projector during a formal business presentation as opposed to the traditional alternative (transparency acetates and an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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