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MHE599 - Culminating Project Module 2 - SLP Outline & References - Essay Example

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This article was written by James Jay Carafano and Richard Weitz focusing on the performance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), particularly the criticisms that were leveled against it in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina. The article starts off by…
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MHE599 - Culminating Project Module 2 - SLP Outline & References
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Download file to see previous pages sky in his article, Natural Disasters and the Militarization of America discusses how government particularly its leader can use natural disasters as a pretext to militarize America. According to the author, Hurricane Katrina and even the Avian Flu threat were being used by the erstwhile President Bush to justify a greater role for the Military in the countrys civilian affairs. With NRP also eliminating the distinction between a civilian and a national security emergency situation and relief organizations like American Red Cross endorsing military role, the author fears that there will be extreme militarization of America.
This article lists all the valid and important Dos and Don’ts which the NGO should carry out or not carry out during a national disaster as part of humanitarian assistance. For example, the article states that if a country as well the representatives of the relevant UN bodies, are unable to properly coordinate with NGO in providing emergency relief responses, the blame will be mainly on the country. NGOs cannot be held for this failure. NGOs do not usually have the mandate to provide the overall co-ordinating framework for disasters. This responsibility falls to the host government and the relevant United Nations authorities
This source in the form of a report and document annex submitted by the Select Bipartisan Committee formed to investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina. This official government committee came up with in-depth findings about the roles of the many government based stakeholders. How these stakeholders performed or underperformed during and aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina. Who can all be blamed or appreciated. In total, this report analyzes all the important stakeholders during Hurricane Katrina and in the aftermath of the Hurricane
This article published in the Think Progress website with a Youtube video of Bush’s final Press conference (video has since been removed) focuses on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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