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History of Immigration - Essay Example

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Portugal was heavily trading with Africans who were also practicing domestic slavery in their own country. The source of these Black slaves came from as far as the Arab countries or the…
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History of Immigration
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Download file to see previous pages Obadina ( 2003 ) argues that “ the total human loss to Africa over the four centuries of the transatlantic slave trade range from 30 million to 200 million”.
When human trading was exported to America, the geographical and socioeconomic factor was fit to slavery. For one, during the beginning of the American colonial times, the colonies were small and in need of a higher population. To attract people in helping populate North American colonies, farmers would pay Europeans in need of work to come to America in exchange of labor service. People from Europe were looking towards in achieving the “American Dream” when they landed in America. At that time, there were many poor European immigrants who crossed the Atlantic just to risk a new life in America. Consequently, these workers were provided a home to live in and meals to eat. It was at first a mutual relationship as both gained something they needed. Labor terms lasted for years; usually between four to seven years. This was a common agreement that was not viewed as feudal at all. As for children, they would work for about nine years. Indentured servants, as they are called, came from Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, and other European countries.
Some indentured servants were never bound by contract. Children were fooled into becoming servants by candy offerings. Some were drunks who were captured and taken to the ships to be sold off. Indentured servants were held tightly together within the ship without being allowed a breath of fresh air until they arrive to their destination in “the new world.”This was graphically portrayed by the award-winning movie “Amistad”.
It is not uncommon for workers to be beaten or raped and many have committed suicide. Exported African slaves who were being shipped and sold to the colonies went under the same harsh conditions as the indentured servants. The only difference is indentured servants were put on contracts while the African slaves are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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