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Food and Beverage Lodging Organizational Structure - Essay Example

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The industry indicates steady though not significant growth, with an emphasis on cost containment and innovation. There is a great focus on value by the…
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Food and Beverage Lodging Organizational Structure
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Download file to see previous pages Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the organizational structure related to the operation of Food and Beverage in the hotel lodging industry. Further, the relationship between organizational structure and process management will be analysed.
According to Shock & Stefanelli (1999), hotel restaurants have traditionally been managed as a secondary function, the second largest source of revenue, with the main operation being provision of rooms with boarding amenities. A new focus on outsourcing leads to creative planning and strategic alliances with well-known restaurant brands.
“Organizational structure refers to the organization’s “formal reporting relationships, procedures, controls, authority, and decision making processes” (Hoskisson, 2008, p.309). When these elements of structure are properly aligned with each other and with necessary processes, the structure enables effective implementation of the organization’s strategies. Because of the diversity of services provided, the food and beverage department is subdivided into several units (Excerpt, 1999).
The executive chef runs the food production or kitchen department, and is a very important person of authority in the organizational structure. Various culinary specialists responsible for different aspects of food preparation report to the executive chef. A separate department, headed by the assistant food and beverage director is responsible for the actual serving of food in the restaurants of large hotels. The food service section includes the individual restaurant and outlet managers, maitre d’ hotel, waiters, waitresses, and other help. Based on the special concerns and duties related to room service in large hotels and lodging facilities, a separate subunit is designated for the purpose. Similarly, separate departments may be responsible for the sale of alcoholic beverages, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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