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The Story of an Hour - Essay Example

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Louise Mallard, the protagonist, in Kate Chopin’s short story “The Story of an Hour,” faces a similar situation. Having lived…
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The Story of an Hour
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"The Story of an Hour"

Download file to see previous pages She recollects her married life, the good and the bad experiences of it! She screams, “Free, free, free.” This is, however, no indication that she does not love her husband. But the inevitable has happened. The death of her husband is a reality and he is gone for ever, never to return! She decides to live a new life and is willing to accept the changed patterns. She is quite emotional, comes down the stairs, only to see her husband return alive, hale and hearty. She is greatly shocked and suffers a heart attack that ends her life.
An element of suspense is the hallmark of the plot of the story. The reader never expects that Mallard’s husband will return alive, whereas she had readied to charter her life in the absence of her husband. The plot is so constructed, the author leaves it to the judgment of the reader whether she is happy or not in her married life. When, the husband returns alive, she is not ready to face the situation, this shock is too strong for her, as is the shock when the news of the accidental death of her husband is revealed to her.
The story pertains to the late 19th century, when male-dominated society prevailed. The life of a woman was confined to the four walls of the house, cook, bear and rear children. Women had no right to vote in the general elections. They were hired for menial jobs on payment on a lower scale as compared to men. Mallad’s husband dominated her. “Chopin deals with the issues of female self-discovery and identity in this story. After Mrs. Mallard learns of her husbands death, she is initially overcome with grief. But quickly she begins to feel a previously unknown sense of freedom and relief.” (The Story….)The new-found awakening startles her—is it good or bad? Is it morally correct? She is possessed with her feelings. She is inclined to abandon her former self in search of the new identity her destiny has thrust upon her. After the brief spell of excitement, she regains her composure. She is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The story of an hour
...?The story of an hour Kate Chopin, an American was known as one of the finest feminist who was able to portray emotional dilemmas dealtby female gender, in the late 19th century. Her novels and short stories carried themes of insight complexities which were often invisible at surface level. She wrote both for children and adults, her narrative styles was and still is highly regarded as one of the natural and appealing approach to observe life and jotting it down creatively. The story of an hour was published in 1894, depicts the emotional repression of a woman who is in a state of confusion and irony of married life. The insight revelation of Louise...
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...? The Story of an Hour The ‘Story of an Hour’ is a short story by Kate Chopin that gives Chopin’s view of the role that women play in marriage. The protagonist of the story (Mrs. Mallard) receives news that her husband has died in an accident. Her reaction and the events that follow form the plot of the story. The story ends when it turns out Mrs. Mallard’s husband is alive. The news that her husband is not dead shocks her to death. Different interpretations are given to the story, especially in regard to the ending; most people assert that the story can be given a...
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...The Story of an Hour – Literary Analysis Order No. 838183 Introduction ‘The Story of an Hour’ is a scintillating short story by Kate Chopin that got published in 1894. Throughout the course of history, we find that women had lesser rights and opportunities to pursue their careers or the dreams when compared to men. The reason for such a generalization was due to women being regarded as images of motherhood and therefore their primary duty was towards bearing children and looking after them. In Kate Chopin’s story ‘Louise Mallard, the protagonist faces the same situation where she feels that her life is stifled by her husband and has no...
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...The Story of an Hour It may be hard to imagine today that there was a time when the word "obey" in the wedding vow for a bride was not considered tobe a problem. On the contrary it was considered to be proper, especially in light of biblical authority that would seem to authorize such notions1. "The Story of an Hour"-or "The Dream of an Hour" as it was titled originally-was produced at a time when many established concepts were being threatened to be uprooted; today the succeeding ideas are just as deeply embedded in societal values. It is however well appreciated that before the zeitgeist at any given begins to switch directions, many must be labeled as...
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The Story of an Hour
...Full Theme Explained Through the Setting The Story of an Hour paints the picture of Louise Mallard with a heart trouble in the opening of the story which prepares the reader to look at it not just as a condition to explain why her sister, Josephine had to break the news about her husband’s death as gently as she can rather is a representation of something deeper. As the story unfolds, the husband who was thought to have died in an accident; was portrayed as one who was bent by the norms during their time, making her wife take the role of a wife, staying at home and taking care of the household chores and needs of the husband. To Mrs. Mallard, this was a bending of her...
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The Story of an Hour
...English February 23, Topic: The Story of an Hour Introduction Louise is the flagship character in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. There are many literary elements in the story and I single out two of them for literary analysis, irony and symbolism. When I read through the story, I find that Kate Chopin has introduced a number of literary devices to create a unique blend of events from the beginning to end. Particularly the masterstroke of her writing in this story is the intelligent application of irony and symbolism. Irony is reflected in Kate Chopin’s assertion, “Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was...
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...The Story of an Hour “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is a short story that tells about a woman’s reaction to finding out that has husband died. When Louise Mallard gets the news, she locks herself in her room to cry. As she calms down, coming to terms with the loss of her husband, she begins to realize that his death might be a blessing. She experiences a freedom that she hasn’t felt since before marriage. After Louise discovers that her husband is alive, she dies, being released from married life in the permanent freedom of death. Through symbolism in the heart trouble that Louise has, the theme of longing for independence, and the theme of oppression in marriage, Kate Chopin reveals that the real pain experienced by Louise... is not...
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The story of an hour
...The story of an hour Katie Chopin (1851-1904) Katie Chopin was born in St Louis Missouri, lived in Louisiana from the time of her marriage and returned to St Louis in 1882 after the death of her husband. She then started writing and published two story collections which are Bayou Folk (1894) and A Night in Acadie (1897) based on the life she had known in Louisiana. She then became best known for her major novel, The Awakening (1899), which brought negative reactions for mentioning taboo concepts such as adultery and miscegenation. The disapproval led to the stoppage of her publishing despite that she was at the height of her literacy and died five years later. Summary of the...
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The Story of an Hour
...Lecturer: The Story of an hour by Kate Chopin vividly depicts the life of women in the nineteenth century. As Mrs. Mallard plays out the role, it explains the bondage the women were forced to live with because of being tied to their husbands in marriage and their longing for freedom. This essay seeks to analyze more the struggle and need for personal independence of women during that time. After a tragic railroad accident that was published in the newspaper, it becomes known that Mr. Mallard was one of those who succumbed to the accident. Mr. Richards, a close family friend first learnt of the accident. He later informed -Josephine- Mrs. Mallard’s sister. She is now tasked with the duty to inform her...
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