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Being stressed out with heavy workload can pose a serious threat to performance and mental health of a human service worker for whom a sound state of mind is very important to perform his/her job. This paper draws a research strategy in identifying the main reasons causing…
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Discussing Ways of Dealing with Stress
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Running head: dealing with stress. “Discussing ways of dealing with stress” of the college of the Abstract
Being stressed out with heavy workload can pose a serious threat to performance and mental health of a human service worker for whom a sound state of mind is very important to perform his/her job. This paper draws a research strategy in identifying the main reasons causing stress to a human service worker, and how a different approach with specific practices was employed in order to reduce stress caused by overwork. Besides this, it also emphasizes the significance of fostering team work in reducing stress and achieving better results through coherence.
At the age of 18, I started working as a paraprofessional at a public high school, and was the youngest among the employees. I was energetic and enthusiastic, and assisted other teachers in the special education department. Dealing with different departments, different clients and different situations led to a lot of stress causing severe burnout. This was when I realized I had to communicate this to my supervisor. (Hughes & Wearing, 1996).
Being the youngest and more knowledgeable than the other paraprofessionals, my supervisor involved me in most of the discussions, and all difficult-to-handle situations were assigned to me. I realized that the other paraprofessionals hardly had clients to deal with, either due to lack of training or lack of expertise. My discussion with the supervisor involved different ways to deal with the stress I faced; this resulted in a decision to have meetings between the professionals and paraprofessionals atleast once a week, which allowed us to discuss about the cases; this exercise was meant to improve knowledge and confidence levels in the other paraprofessionals .(Faberow, 1999).
Better communication and good supervisory arrangements proved to be important to deal with stress. Sharing knowledge, keeping the entire team updated on the new developments regarding the clients, listening to their view points, and responding to what they had to say helped us in better understanding of the cases. This also led to equal division of work within the team. These steps helped me in reducing stress that was caused due to heavy workload. Better supervisory guidance also helped in handling cases with potential threat of physical or verbal abuse to the workers with much more confidence. These were the basic and important practices used in managing stress as they reduced the workload with the assistance of other professional human service workers.

Faberow, L.N. (1999) Training Manual for Human service workers in major disasters.. U.S.A: Diane Publishing.
Hughes, M and Wearing, M. (2007).Organisation and Management in Social Work. London: Sage Publication. Read More
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