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Multiculturalism Issue and Data-based Solution - Article Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to donate that “Pricing the Flagship” discusses the ever-confusing raise of tuition within colleges and private institutions. In the 1950s, public institutions in the United States charged no to very minimal tuition fees…
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Multiculturalism Issue and Data-based Solution
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Download file to see previous pages There seems to be no end in sight for rising tuition prices. Research has been done time and again to figure out why tuition prices continue to rise, especially when institutions, private or public, used to be free or of minimal fees. While there is no one definite answer to this dilemma, six factors have been figured out as to what could be causing the tuition rise, and they are as follows: economic and fiscal conditions of the individual states; demographic and postsecondary enrollment patterns; characteristics of state political systems; postsecondary governance patterns; regional influences; and various aid policies at the state, federal, and institutional levels. These aspects contribute to the costly fees that students must pay for higher education.
“The Influence of Active Learning on the College Student Departure Process” is about the departure rates of students attending both two-year and four-year colleges. Approximately one-half of students leave after their first year at a two-year college, and almost one-fourth of students leave after the first year at a four-year college. These constant departures are thought to be caused by a lack of classroom-based academic experiences. Researchers have produced theories that have pointed to the fact that students really come to rely on what goes on inside of a classroom, not only during school hours but after. These theorists have come to the conclusion that students will depart a school if the school is not meeting their expectations in regard to their learning experiences. However, as is the case with the former article, this theory for student departure is just that – a theory. There is no definite way to know what makes students want to leave school after the first year. Many students leave because they miss their home or their families, or they change their majors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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