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Santa Barbara - Essay Example

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Situated in the east west direction of the coastline between the sea and Santa Mountains, it has a pleasant climate which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world…
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Santa Barbara
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Download file to see previous pages Santa Barbara is one of the unique cities in the world because of its structure. It is surrounded by mountains and sea which not only enhances its beauty, but provides a pleasant climate as well. Even though the state California is known for world famous cities like Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco and San Diego, it doesn’t mean that the list ended with the above cities alone. In fact Santa Barbara is the least advertised cities in California which prevented the global tourists in gathering vital information about it. Most of the tourists who visits California, may go to world famous places alone and will deny the opportunity to visit Santa Barbara because of lack of information and publicity about it.
Santa Barbara is a city where one can observe the mixed beauty of American and European culture. Santa Barbara is located at the northwest of Los Angeles and it is also situated close to Europe. In other words, European continent starts where the Santa Barbara ends. This close company of Europe has made Santa Barbara a place which is equally attracted by the American and European tourists. In a tourist’s point of view, one can enjoy both the European and American culture together at one place at Santa Barbara. Hotels, restaurants, recreational activities etc in Santa Barbara have the blending effect of both European and American cultures and traditions. The Santa Barbara city council is keen in maintaining the unique structural style of Santa Barbara in order to preserve its European look.
Tourists who have visited Europe can identify the similarity of Santa Barbara with respect to Europe even at the first glance. Like Europe, most of the coffee shops in Santa Barbara are surrounded by Roman fountains and various kinds of statues where people can have the most enjoyable coffee in the open air. These Roman fountains present a cool air and cool wind around the coffee shop area to the customers who can enjoy the taste of hot coffee in a cool ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Santa Barbara Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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