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Discuss the impact of fear and anger (in patients) when caring for clients in the health care setting - Essay Example

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In some cases fear and anger are the symptoms of some chronic diseases. Patients exhibit both fear and anger generally and in some cases like the…
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Discuss the impact of fear and anger (in patients) when caring for clients in the health care setting
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Download file to see previous pages “Anger is a HEALTHY EMOTION. It is a WARNING SIGNAL that something is wrong” (Middelton-Moz, Ph.D., 2009) Fear and anger even though are common in most of the living things and also in normal cases it may not create much harm to the person who was afraid of something or feeling angry at something, it’s effect is not the same as far as patients are concerned. Fear and angry can complicate the conditions of a patient because of the psychological and physiological changes it can develop among the patients. Patients irrespective of their nature of disease definitely need a peaceful mind for the speedy recovery from the disease. Fear and anger can worsen the conditions of a patient.
Frustrations can creep up among the minds of the patients because of their inability to lead a normal life which they may demonstrate in the form of fear or anger. Nurses who are taking care of the patients often confused with, how to deal with such patients in order to settle them and to regain their lost mental balances or psychological equilibriums. “Fear of not being in control, fear of uncertainty and the unknown, fear of pain and change, fear of not being able to meet your obligations to family and job. Fears can mask themselves in anger and hostility, which is often directed at those youre closest to, as well as doctors, nurses, and technicians” (Schimmel, 2009) Dry Mouth, Heart Palpitations, Numbness, Heightened Senses, Breathlessness, Feeling Dizzy, Muscle Tension, Hyperventilation etc are the most visible symptoms of fear and anger (Duffey, 2009)
First and the foremost thing the nurses must concentrate in dealing with such emotionally distracted patients are to develop strategies to regain the patient’s normal mental condition. Nurses must know that medications alone may not yield 100% recovery of such patients and psychological approaches also required to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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