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This letter is about Mike Keefe’s cartoon. The cartoon name is “Recession is over”. It is on your newspaper on September 02, 2009. I think Mike Keefe’s idea about recession is right. The government must see his cartoon. It shows true feelings of workers.
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Talk Back to Mike Keefe
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1st line of your address) (2nd line of your address) October 6, 2009 The Editor The Open Forum The Denver Post 101 W. Colfax Ave., Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202

Dear Editor:
Good day! This letter is about Mike Keefe’s cartoon. The cartoon name is “Recession is over”. It is on your newspaper on September 02, 2009. I think Mike Keefe’s idea about recession is right. The government must see his cartoon. It shows true feelings of workers.
Many workers lose their job because of recession. I am lucky I didn’t lose my job but some of my friends lose their job. Their life is hard now. In cartoon, I see long worker’s line. They want to find a job in unemployment office. One person say the recession is over. I think this sentence is not true. Another worker’s face and other person’s face are bored. We have same idea. They don’t believe. If recession is over, people have jobs. People lives are easy. But in cartoon, people still don’t have job. I agree with Mike Keefe. I think people cannot say the recession is over. This time is same with recession time. Still, many people look for jobs. I hope the government can solve this serious problem soon.


(student’s name)

To: (teacher’s name)
From: (student’s name)
Date: October 6, 2009
Re: Letter to the editor of The Denver Post
Many workers read The Denver Post. They are my audience. I think about all of workers problems in recession time. I also remember the news about many people losing their work and homes. My audience will know true condition of people’s lives after recession time. People don’t feel the recession time is over. They still have many problems. In my letter, I talk to the editor and audience. I think my language is easy to understand for them.
Keefe, Mike. “Recession is over.” Cartoon. The Denver Post. USA. 2009 Read More
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