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Analysis of a movie - Essay Example

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This essay is written to present an analysis of Rain Man in terms of addressing the following questions: (1) keeping in mind what you have learned in class thus far about literary elements, what does this movie mean to you? (2) What is this movie really about? (3) Is there a…
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Analysis of a movie
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Download file to see previous pages is an art of making motion pictures, encompasses different criteria or qualities by which its aesthetic quality can be evaluated depending on the person viewing it. Thereby, its classification as a beautiful film depends on the subjective nature of the person who viewed it. It is in this regard that this essay is written to present an analysis of Rain Man in terms of addressing the following questions: (1) keeping in mind what you have learned in class thus far about literary elements, what does this movie mean to you? (2) What is this movie really about? (3) Is there a "moral to the story," a theme to be explored, or comment to think about? (4) What is the point of the movie? And (5) did you find this movie meaningful for you personally? Why or why not?
Rain Man is a movie an uplifting experience through the spectacular performance of the actors, both Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. For me, it is one of the best movies I have seen and have continued to remember so far due to the theme and the characters of the movie.
The most critical factors that qualify a film or movie as good in my own conviction are as follows: (1) a good plot (or the content of the story), (2) the quality and choice of casts, (3) genre, (4) excellent audio visual quality, (5) cinematography (or the form which is the actual beauty of fine art) and (6) moral or message of the story.
Contemporary films do not necessarily comply with the standards of aesthetic quality despite the developments and utilization of technology to apply special effects. In fact, according to Osider (2009), “lately, the blockbuster has fallen into the habit of replacing beautiful form with thrills. These films contain mainly shallow themes and impressive special effects. The audience might like the film, but again that does not make it a good one.”
An aesthetically crafted film should show a good quality that not only entertains but inspires. The content and form combine beautifully to create film art. Osider ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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