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Mangment 3000 - Research Paper Example

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Even though there has been support and criticism in the wake of EI in the last few years, nearly everyone has agreed with the fact…
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Mangment 3000
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Download file to see previous pages What is even more interesting is the fact that EI has received its due place within different literature subjects and also been termed as an applicable entity in a number of domains and applications (Sala 2006). The first usage of the term EI is accredited on the shoulders of Wayne Payne as he brought the philosophy of emotional intelligence in front of everyone through his doctoral thesis. Indeed this formed the basis for eventual growth and development within this very field and thus many researchers and theorists started to work individually to find out more and more about the manner in which emotions brought about a significant change within people’s personalities.
I have supported the basis of EI because it has been based on the earliest works of Darwin and hence there is solid evidence available which manifests its genuineness. The emotional intelligence domains suggest the emotional expression which are required for an individual’s survival and his adaptation with the environment of which he is a part. The non-cognitive concepts have been given significance with the passage of time under the aegis of EI and this is indeed a very important basis for comprehending where the success domains have cropped up from in the recent times. The three main models of EI include the ability EI models, the mixed models and lastly the trait EI models. The ability-based model is used to decipher the ability to consume the emotional basis as well as mix together the emotional side with the thought process, which in return makes the whole domain of emotions understandable and helps in growth and development of an individual over a period of time (Nelson 2007). The mixed models of EI take care of the emotional competencies (Goleman) model and the bar-on model of emotional-social intelligence (ESI). Similarly, the trait EI model is a combination of emotions which are boxed within self perceptions; however the same are situated within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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