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The Sex differances in learning in chimpanzees - Essay Example

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Since centuries, humans have strived to understand different forms of life processes existing around them, such as animals, birds, etc, in order to resolve complex issues of creation, life, etc. Moreover, after Darwin’s theory of evolution, experts focused primarily on monkeys…
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The Sex differances in learning in chimpanzees
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Download file to see previous pages In specific, this paper has selected an article, ‘Sex Differences in Learning in Chimpanzees’ (Lonsdorf et al, 2004) that is a synopsis of a four-year longitudinal study carried out at Gombe National Park in Tanzania on wild chimpanzees. Primarily, the paper will attempt to provide a brief summation of the mentioned article that will enable the reader to understand basic and important findings, as well as limitations of this article.
In this article, as earlier mentioned, wild chimpanzee of Gombe National Park in Tanzania were the participants of this four-year longitudinal study, and experts attempted to identify the sexual differences in the learning process and practice of these chimpanzees during the study. Findings of the study indicated that chimpanzees were skillful in the utilization of flexible tools for hunting termites from their mounds. Plantations were the only source of such tools that enabled chimpanzees to ‘fish for termites’ and eat them after extraction from the termite heaps.
Experts (Lonsdorf et al, 2004) specified that chimpanzee culture of the local environment indicated that utilization of tools was a common practice for chimpanzees that used tools for various purposes. In addition, experts revealed that various studies have indicated that chimpanzees are the most intelligible non-human species to utilize tools for different purposes. Experts also disclosed that social learning and interaction capabilities of chimpanzees were some of the basic factors that cause such a varying range of utilization of tools in their communities. Article denoted that the experts focused on fourteen chimpanzees below eleven years of age during the period of four months, and paid attention to their interaction with their chimpanzee mothers during fishing sessions for the termites.
Analysis of fishing practices and social interaction in the chimpanzee community indicated that chimpanzees of both genders interacted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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