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Management behavior - Essay Example

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Managers who work as the bridge between the organization and the employees know well about the organizational goals and the employee’s problems in achieving these goals. Moreover managers need to…
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Management behavior
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Download file to see previous pages Current customers were more interested in solutions and services rather than the products alone. InterClean Inc is a major player in the sanitation and cleaning industry with high quality products and efficient workforce. High quality products of InterClean can move in the market well only if the product selling backed with high quality services. Management behavior is important in determining the productivity of the workers and quality of services offered to the customers. The purpose of this memo is to inform all the first level managers at InterClean about the merger between InterClean and EnvironTech and the possible changes after the merger. I would like to explain how a manger should behave with his workers to improve their productivity, different types of management actions in line with the existing employment laws and the best strategies to work with a diverse workforce.
“Essential conditions of service such as good pay, motivation, incentives, regular promotions, training and development should be provided for the workforce so as to enable them put in their best in order to increase the level of their productivity in the organization” (ADEKUNLE et al, 2009) Mangers can play a vital role in ensuring the employee satisfaction which is important in ensuring maximum productivity from them. A manager who fails to motivate the workers cannot ensure 100% productivity from them. In order to motivate the employees the first level managers must reward them for the good performances with incentives or promotions. The work culture should be developed in such a way that both the manager and the workers function in a healthy environment where no prejudices or biases control the management actions. In case of a conflict the manager should never take any one sided actions, instead he should take decisions after hearing the arguments of both the parties involved in the conflict.
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Management Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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