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In this process of determining total time we concentrate on main project activities and apply some analytical tools for the overall project takes duration analysis…
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Critical Path - Project Management
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Download file to see previous pages This process provides us a total time taken by the project. For assessing the total time we use above mentioned methods to find out the main project completion and development time. Through this time we obtain a project time line for the project execution. Here we also assign appropriate sequence to each activity of the project. Through these assigned activity sequencing, the expansion of a project network diagram is developed. This procedure is pretty time intense if completed with hand. Luckily, there are development organization software tools that can build network illustrations although there can be an illustration where we have to perform it by hand. One of the main causes for building a plan organization network drawing is to decide the elasticity inside the network (Kerzner, 2006) and (Field & Keller, 2007).
Total float is the time obtainable for holding-up an activity devoid of delay end Date of the plan. The entire float of a task is then the biggest probable delay in finishing of this task that will not reason a delay in the achievement of the whole project. This recommends the subsequent instinctive notion: (Kerzner, 2006) and (Burke, 1999):
The process of the determining the total float of a project activity involves the assessment of the total delaying an activity with no delay end Date of the plan. The total float of a project activity is the largest possible delay in the completion of that task that will not cause a delay in the accomplishment of the whole project (Kerzner, 2006).
The assessment of the critical path provides a better overview of the project duration and more critical activates as well as their management. In the assessment of the critical activates of the project we determine their total float. Total float of the project if equal to zero then that activity denotes as the critical activity (Gray & Larson, 2006).
The CP (critical path) is the best times path in the course of the network ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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