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Alcoholism - Case Study Example

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(3) Comment on the statement: “Alcoholism is a Disease.” Support your arguments. And (4) does the concept of dual diagnosis, or Co-morbidity affect Lisa’s treatment plan? How?
Alcoholism is a form of addiction, a…
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Alcoholism Case Study
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Extract of sample "Alcoholism"

Download file to see previous pages ? (Mokdad, Marks, Stroup & Gerberding 2000) Professional health care practitioners are constantly vigilant on monitoring alcohol dependents, especially if it exists in conjunction with other illnesses, say, tuberculosis.
In this regard, this essay is written to evaluate the case of Lisa, a 27 year old single woman with problems of alcoholism and tuberculosis. In the process, the following issues would be addressed: (1) As the public health nurse, how would you address Lisa’s predicaments? Are there things you would have done similarly with Teri? (2) How would you prioritize Lisa’s treatment plan? Explain your rationale for your proposal. (3) Comment on the statement: “Alcoholism is a Disease.” Do you agree of disagree? Support your arguments. And (4) does the concept of dual diagnosis, or co-morbidity affect Lisa’s treatment plan? What would you suggest as the public health nurse attending to Lisa’s treatment?
In working with Lisa, the public health nurse, Teri, showed persistence, determination and compassion in her quest to address the problems. Given the scenario, I would have done exactly the same thing as Teri. She was right in finding out where Lisa transferred. Her dialogue with Lisa showed compassion but stressed the importance of continuing medications for Lisa’s tuberculosis. She was direct in inquiring regarding Lisa’s drinking problem and was able to solicit the appropriate response. She even called the counselor, Roni, from the Alcohol Treatment Center, to make sure that Lisa would resume her required sessions for counseling. Finally, the strategy of giving her calling card was an additional assurance that Lisa can contact Teri anytime she plans to move.
As averred by Teri, Lisa must continue taking her medications for tuberculosis. She was correct in stressing that this is a priority since tuberculosis is an infectious disease and can infect other people she relates with (not only her sister but even Teri, Roni, and the rest of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcoholism Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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