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Discuss the impact of fear and anger when caring for clients in the health care setting - Essay Example

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In addition, fear is a potential and the most common source of anger, usually among patients with severe diseases. Fear of the unfamiliar end, moving through difficult period of life, full of pain or distresses, the hopes…
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Discuss the impact of fear and anger when caring for clients in the health care setting
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Extract of sample "Discuss the impact of fear and anger when caring for clients in the health care setting"

Download file to see previous pages situations; however, this paper will attempt to focus primarily on the impact of fear and anger on both patients, as well as provider in healthcare settings.
Analysis of the literature (Schwarz, 2002) has indicated that fear and anger play a crucial role in healthcare settings, and these factors often decide the success or failure of an intervention in healthcare. In this regard, it is very important that at least healthcare providers should avoid the factor of anger, as it results in deterioration of physical, as well as psychological wellbeing of patients in healthcare. Experts have noticed that every patient confronting normal or severe illness feels fear that deteriorates his/her condition, and it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to strive to reduce fear in patients. However, fear and anger in healthcare providers may worsen the conditions, and most important effects of fear and anger are psychological.
It is a psychological perspective of every patient that healthcare setting or healthcare provider will take care of his or her health-related problems. However, it is observation (Schwarz, 2002) that due to huge workload and different other factors, healthcare providers often experience anger during their practices that leaves an adverse psychological impact on the patients, and even effective medication may not affect conditions of the patients. In addition, recent studies have focused primarily on the notion of informed consent in healthcare settings that relates significantly to the factor of anger and fear.
Studies (Maruish, 2001) have indicated that without informed consent of patients and their family members, fear and anger increases in patients, their families, and healthcare providers as well. Experts have specified that in absence of informed consent, healthcare providers experience a wave of tension and fear during their different procedures due to chances of failures, and presence of such fear in healthcare providers enforces patients ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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