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However, it certainly gives one the added dimension of not only working in the real world, but of doing something that is worthwhile and fulfilling for others, as well as being beneficial for…
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Download file to see previous pages ne an opportunity to fulfill the mandatory responsibilities of classroom obligations regarding the learning process, but also helps one grow in their depth of character as a person.
As a student pharmacist, I am required to complete a five-hour program of voluntary public service. For this portion of my education, I chose the Hancock Christian Clearing House (HCCH) in Findlay, Ohio. This organization’s purpose is to help those individuals and families, who for one reason or another, fall through the cracks of the usual government assistance programs. For example, some are homeless and cannot get aid without an address.
The First Presbyterian Church took the initiative to establish HCCH in 1981 as an independent religious enterprise, which makes it a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization. Today HCCH is a cooperative effort that involves forty-two churches in Hancock County. Their combined mission is to help those, who under ordinary circumstances, may not qualify for the assistance from regular charitable and other social organizations. For the most part, HCCH is an association run solely by volunteers, like myself, who interact directly with the clients in order to determine their needs and to assist them in finding a proper solution for their current situation. HCCH also provides training to the volunteers who need it, like myself, who may not have had any social services experience or training. The main source of funding for HCCH is donations and contributions made by the members of the many churches that are involved, as well as other individuals and companies. HCCH states that approximately $13,000 is disbursed monthly to those in need of it. HCCH provides financial emergency assistance, such as food, rent, utilities and medical prescriptions, to the residents of Hancock County (Local Mission Opportunities, 2009).
HCCH recently received a grant of $25,000 to support classes, supplies, training, and wages for the “Partners in Progress” program awarded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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