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The presenting problem could be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or survivor guilt. He is drinking a lot and it seems he may be attempting to deal with his feelings in that way. In working…
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Download file to see previous pages 168) until he can come to terms with what happened. One indication for this weakness is that he is more involved with alcoholism and feeling hopeless.
A therapist would need to practice unconditional positive regard with him and set the intention that they would be able to relate to Patrick in a positive way. I would think it might be difficult for him to get into his deepest feelings and explore them--these feelings may be difficult for this approach which would also make this situation a weakness.
One strength of using this approach may be that Patrick would need a counselor who was empathetic and not directive in their approach. This may be the way for him to start talking about his grief. Patrick would be allowed to discover what he needed as he progressed which could be both a strength and a weakness. As a strength, it may help him gain confidence in himself again. As a weakness, this could have him trying to figure things out a lot longer because he may feel so undirected.
It is my opinion that Gestalt Therapy would be the best choice to use with Patrick. He is so far down in his feelings that he may need a redirection to something more pleasant. Patrick seems to be presenting a host of problems that are happening because of his experience in 9/11. He is not functioning at a place where he can self-regulate himself just yet and this would be an important goal of therapy for him. Patrick is currently living in the past. He may be drinking to stay in his bad memories or to try and forget; this would be something that needs to be explored. He could be experiencing PTSD and he has pulled away from other friends or potential friends because he does not want to get close again just to lose them. It is time for him to move into the present and put the past behind.
I would begin by listening to him and asking questions. I would want to know why he is drinking and what it is doing for him. I would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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