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Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion (5) - Essay Example

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Every individual on board requires to be well trained and needs to be able to take on tasks on board within two voyages. Managers and leaders of teams generally sign contracts for three to six month and then they tend…
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Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion (5)
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Download file to see previous pages The managers are chosen based on their training and the initiatives that they take while on training. The company does definitely also hire European nationals for help and it believes in complete and well balanced recruitment systems. The company ensures that for the safety of the crew, all the crew members learn to speak English. There is a compulsory English test that they need to take and pass. This is the main step that the company takes up to ensure that all crew members are able to get through the diverse environment that they work in and be able to gat along with the others without any sort of discrimination.
As discussed earlier, the teams are a wide range of people from different cultures, and walks of life. Maintaining a peaceful situation is essential as the employees work together in very close quarters and live together all the time. The managers can allow for the team to be more global by ensuring that every team member learns to talk English and the there is peace and harmony at all times. Since the ship is so vast and the number of crew members is so high, it is essential that all the rules and regulations are followed to the dot to avoid any issues on board (Shackleton and Newett, 1991). It is up to the managers to bring out the issues and if a crew member has five offenses they would need to leave the job. The managers need to participate a whole lot in ensuring that the team is in line with the requirements of being able to work in a diverse team. Also it is for the managers to build a unity among the team members and ensure the team is made strong to enable them face any situation together without turning against one another due to cultural differences.
The managers play a very important role in choosing the right people for the new vessel. The managers play a very important role in the recruitment process and the HR functions to run the new ship (IRS (Industrial Relations Services), 2003b). This is mainly because the employees need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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