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Does culture play a significant role in Business - Essay Example

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For instance, in the Latin context it may refer to “tilling the soil.” While in the western utilization it may mean the process of being civilized with regards to music, arts or even the finer components of life…
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Does culture play a significant role in Business
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Download file to see previous pages He defines culture as the patterns of feeling, thinking as well as the acting programs of the human brain. Though definitions may be numerous, they get united at a certain point where they imply beliefs, patterns and human behaviors which are made and then transmitted. (Barger, 2007)
This study is therefore, set out to discuss culture and more particularly in the context of business. To this, a vivid answer will be given in the pursuit of answering the thesis question, “Does culture play a significant role in business?”
Culture is vital to economies, organizations and societies alike. This is since it ensures a competitive edge to all these stakeholders. Thus, no single business organization can sideline the significance of culture especially where the aspects in context make the management successful. The understanding of the role of culture has especially been of high importance where the given business desires to carry out international operations. Though, culture was a non-issue in business in the past, it has become a core factor in business focus.
A major challenge befalls the management while building the synergy of both the cultural differences setting people apart and at the same time anchoring their competitive edge. To enhance change, it calls for the functioning of small work groups of persons with an influence, vision as well as determination. As a team, the individuals help in implementing and furthering the cultural competence in the workforce of a business in entirety. There are essential cultural variables, though.
Firstly, there is self-awareness. There is need to concentrate upon the development of knowledge and self-awareness of a people’s preferences of culture. Here there is the importance of understanding one’s cultural attitudes, values and beliefs, how these aspects reflect in one’s behavior, how they impact on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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