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At the beginning of the 21st century, technology integration becomes an integral part of the corporation. Technology integration helps organizations to manage and control all processes, develop their infrastructure and change. The balance scorecard would help to evaluate the…
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Download file to see previous pages ast that everyone has difficulty keeping up with them and developing conclusive interpretations about their effects on organizations (Weitz and Shenhav 2000). The balanced-scorecard measures would help to identify advances in technology, especially computer, information, and communications technology, have presented organizations and managers with dramatic new challenges and opportunities, and researchers have been pressing to develop the theoretical and research grounding needed to understand and manage these developments. The rapid advent of computer applications, the Internet, and other forms of information and communication technology have major implications for organizations and their management, but people have trouble saying exactly what effects they have and why. As for effects on public organizations, especially until recently, research has been scarce. The rational for the balanced-scorecard is to investigate and analyze new trends in information systems application and their impact on communication, effects on corporate design, structure and productivity. The framework helps to explain why even very similar technological initiatives can have very different outcomes, because of different organizational and institutional influences on their implementation. Fountain also describes how such influences raise formidable challenges for successful utilization in government, given the strong, often entrenched organizational and institutional influences. These components of the framework combine to influence the way technological initiatives play out (Castellano and Young, 2006).
2. The main criteria I will use to assess the information technology are desirability and efficiency test. The objectives of the analysis are to (1) identify the main applications of information technology in a given organization; (2) analyze their impact on a corporate organization, (3) identify the main trends and factors which influence implementation of information technology and (4) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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