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Nazi Germany and Soviet Union - Essay Example

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The paper also enriches the theme with the discussion of interesting concepts of Totalitarianism and National Socialism.
No one can ever forget the most destructive and devastating war…
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Nazi Germany and Soviet Union
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Extract of sample "Nazi Germany and Soviet Union"

Download file to see previous pages However, the two ideologies are very uncongenial towards each other but it is interesting to see the extent they differ and share mutual bases as well.
The most important and the most distinct similarity between the two rivals is the concept of Totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is an extremely concentrated and centralized scheme of government that regards the eudemonia and wellbeing of state and the basic ideology of the government the most. The nation and the governing political organization intertwine and turn into unit comprising of a single potent individual fig representing this strong bonding or union. This mighty figure is the focus or the centre point of the state (Stackelberg, 2007).
A totalitarian government makes sure that vast regime setup and apparatus is readily available to the state in order to sustain its upper hand, mightiness, and its prestige and stature in the world. This may include aggregated media support and huge police and army force that are set free to function in and out the boundaries of world’s law.
According to the above criteria, both the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union enjoyed being strictly totalitarian states. Both of them at the apex of their societal and political might and prowess savored outright power throughout the world and idolization within the boundary of the state. The two states, demolished every possible threat that was most likely to hinder their path to ultimate power and prestige. They had exclusive control over the aggregated media of the world like newspapers, televisions, radios etc. They had all the means to control the way people used to think and they were quite successful at it.
Still there exists a major difference about how the two did become totalitarian regimes. Stalin’s Soviet Union appeared as a totalitarian state in no time. The first head of state of USSR, Lenin, insisted on revolutionary societal change as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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