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Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion I - Essay Example

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What role and responsibility does the technology company such as Google have towards society in general? Should the home company culture, ethics, and politics impact how the company operates in China? To what extent do you agree with those critics about how Google is going…
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Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion I
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Download file to see previous pages Home companies should take into consideration of the native culture, ethics, and politics, not their own. When Google made the choice to obey the Chinese government’s censorship rules the reaction at home was hostile.
Googles decision did not go over well in the United States. In February, company executives were called into Congressional hearings and compared to Nazi collaborators. The companys stock fell, and protesters waved placards outside the companys headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. (Thompson 2006)
In order to operate in China, Google has to make concessions or be blocked by the Chinese government. Google is not condoning or opposing censorship in China. On the other hand, the Americans protesting the Google decision and Congress’ concerns have that right as American citizens.
Sometimes Americans view their way of democracy the best system in the world. This view leads to the downgrading of other cultures, especially communists countries. Many Americans have the thought that everyone wants democracy. Thompson (2006) reports:
Chinese students he meets and employs, Lee said, do not hunger for democracy. ‘People are actually quite free to talk about the subject,’ he added, meaning democracy and human rights in China. ‘I dont think they care that much. I think people would say: Hey, U.S. democracy, thats a good form of government. Chinese government, good and stable, thats a good form of government. Whatever, as long as I get to go to my favorite Web a
If democracy is freedom to live as one chooses, than if the Chinese want to live in a communist country, Americans should accept this culture. If the Chinese do not want communism, it is their place to revolt against tyranny. Google should have no part of communism, democracy, or any type of government being a mere business.
Google is not in the position to promote censorship in any country. The countries, China, France, and Germany have laws that must be obeyed. If a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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