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Generally it is used in sequencing and comparing various events. Everyone have the equal opportunity in each day as the time of each day is equal. Time is precious as, once it is gone, it does not come back. Some times it feels that time…
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Research Strategy Paper
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Download file to see previous pages A simple definition of time management would be managing time to make the best out of it (Time Management, n.d.).
Although, generally people realize the importance of time in their life but still it is one of the most common problem in peoples daily life. Time management process would include planning, organizing, staffing, directing and evaluating (The Management Process, n.d.).
Research strategy simply refers to the set of strategies adopted in order to conduct the research. A research strategy regarding time management would involve all the information which need to be gathered to solve the problem of time management.
If the research is conducted on basis of the work of a day, then the most important thing which would be required is the list of all the jobs that need to be done on that day. The second required information would be the time available for these jobs. The importance each job and possible time that could be allocated to each job need to be identified. According to the relative importance of each job a daily routine of work need to be prepared. Once this is prepared, information on each of the job would be required. Relative size of the job could be decide based on this information and based on assignment size sufficient time would be allocated to each of the jobs or assignment. Important information would be regarding number of individual that would be required to complete the job. Information could be gathered regarding the activity required to do the jobs. Information might also be required to find out the otherwise idle time, because this time could be utilized in doing unscheduled works. All these information could be obtained in the course of day to day activities.
Once the required information are gathered, they need to be properly evaluated. These information need to be evaluated on the basis of their relative importance, validity, perspective etc. Information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Strategy Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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