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(2009). “Cultural Borders and Mental Barriers: The relationship between living abroad and creativity”. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: 1047-1061.
The article by Maddux and Galinsky deals with the issue of how foreign…
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Choose a Psychology-related JOURNAL ARTICLE
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Download file to see previous pages Creativity constitutes the dependent variable for this research; however, the authors acknowledge that the directionality of the relationship between the two variables is not so obvious.
Providing a conceptual and operational understanding for the concept of creativity, the authors clearly explain several essential personality traits such as tolerance of ambiguity, self-confidence and intrinsic motivation. They also use the theory of five personality traits (McCrae, & Costa, 1999) that they believe correlate with creativity. Maddux and Galinsky believe that precisely openness to experience is the most significant of these traits, which is fully congruent with their hypothesis.
The literature review provided in the introductory section also describes some essential characteristics of multicultural and diverse experiences, especially the experience of living abroad. The findings of the present research are based on analysis of five empirical studies that seek to explain how foreign experience might be relates to creativity. Creativity is measured through the performance of participants on different creativity tasks in different studies
The first two studies focus on the question of how does the duration of time spent abroad impacts on creativity. The first study involves a sample size of 205 university students. Among the independent measures there were the age, gender, nationality and if the respondents have ever lived or traveled abroad and the duration of they staying abroad. The dependent measure of the study consisted of classification of result of creativity task. The authors revealed statistically significant association between performance of the individual on creativity task and the duration of living abroad. Besides, they revealed a significant and negative association between the duration of traveling abroad and the creativity as measured through task performance. Such finding is in line with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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