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Leadership models - Essay Example

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Since few decades, almost every sector is experiencing a wave of globalization that resulted in a number of advancements, and at the same time, increased the demand of change in an individual, as well as organizational manner. The business arena is confronting similar…
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Leadership models
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, the paper will endeavor to identify and analyze different characteristics of change models, and will attempt to discuss its advantages and drawbacks as well.
In any organization, commitment plays a significant and decisive role in the success of any change process. However, studies indicated that organizations and business experts were unable to give importance to the notion of commitment that is an imperative component in the process. For such purpose, the identified change model has attempted to provide an illustration of the process of creation of commitment. Specifically, this model has provided three phases that are responsible for the development of commitment, and may have a significant impact on any change process in the organization (Burke, 2007).
This model suggests that support is very crucial for any change, and thus, the first phase of ‘Inform’ focuses on the formation of basis for expansion of essential support. In specific, inform phase put efforts by providing awareness to individuals that is necessary for alteration in their behavior, a step that allows positive change in the organization. After some awareness, this model brings individuals and organizations into ‘Educate’ phase that involves recognition of the change and its effect that will create an environment encouraging individual decisions in the organization.
Thus, advocates of this model argue that it is very imperative for employers to present a positive and efficient outcome of the change that will facilitate all the stakeholders to take their decision in favor of the change during this phase. After stages of information and education, the model has suggested the last phase of ‘commit’ that begins the implementation of change in the organization. In other words, the first two stages are the preparatory phases and the third one can be termed as executive phase (Burke, 2007).
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