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Americans need to take a lesson on happiness from the source where it has endured for over twenty-five hundred years, Buddhism - Essay Example

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You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. (Camus; Muñoz, 2003, 305) With little thought given to the definition, or consideration to its pursuit,…
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Americans need to take a lesson on happiness from the source where it has endured for over twenty-five hundred years, Buddhism
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Extract of sample "Americans need to take a lesson on happiness from the source where it has endured for over twenty-five hundred years, Buddhism"

Download file to see previous pages Americans need to take a lesson on happiness from the source where it has endured [, and fulfilled] for over twenty-five hundred years, Buddhism. This pursuit will improve a person’s health, strengthen American society, and build an enduring emotional foundation.  
      Buddhism, in its philosophical discourse has clearly provided equal stress over both physiological and psychological well being of an individual. According to this rich and ancient philosophy both mind and body act as complementary and supplementary to each other. The ancient scholars of this philosophical discipline have clearly suggested that there a human being, both from physical and psychical perspective, is dependent over the surrounding ecosystem. (Wiseman, n.d.) Unless it is possible for an individual to attain a hold over his/her psychological conditions, it will not be possible for him/her to live a healthy life, physically. Buddhism regards mind as a separate entity that takes a very important part in proper governance of a person’s physical condition. “Mind is defined in Buddhism as a non-physical phenomenon which perceives, thinks, recognizes, experiences and reacts to the environment.” (Wiseman, n.d.) On the other hand, it will also be impossible for the person to encourage actual controlling of the mind unless he is not able to keep his body fit and let it function properly.  
      Now, if we look at the American social condition, we will see that most of the people are busy in competing with each other in this era of cutthroat competition. Such tendency is more conspicuous among young generation of today’s society as they are consider attaining more material gain will give them the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. It is due to such thoughts and attempt to gain more material benefit they often suffer from psychological tensions that lead them to different types of physical ailments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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