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Developing ethnicity - Assignment Example

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Strong beliefs in the ideals of the ethnic group one belongs to, is necessary for the healthy social setups. On the other hand the evils in the ethnic community must be questioned by an individual for the betterment of…
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Developing ethnicity
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Download file to see previous pages Ethnicity is an important mean through which people can identify themselves. For example, it is easy for a Chinese citizen to identify another one even in countries other than China. The appearance, language, behavior, culture etc can help a person in identifying another one. “No two individuals are alike”. Same way no two ethnic groups are alike. All the ethnic groups have their own peculiarities and characteristics which segregate them from other ethnic communities. Ethnic identity can be changed even from the early childhood.
Changes in ethnic identity can take place through life experiences and social interactions. Knowledge of other cultures and traits can influence a person a lot. The attitude towards other cultures is important in shaping the personality of a person. Adamant in attitudes and beliefs, would never a help a person to accept the goods from other ethnic communities. Autocratic attitudes or dictatorship is not a good character for shaping one’s personality. We must seek lessons from every experience we face in our life
During my early childhood, I lived in China and was in constant touch with the Chinese community. As everybody knows, China is a country which is ruled by a socialist regime which allows only restricted freedom for religious activities. I belong to the Buddhist community and my parents were keen in brought me up by teaching me the lessons of Buddhist’s doctrines. Our religion says that “Desire is the cause of mystery” and my parents were keen in teaching this great principle to us. My father was a liberal person and he kept an open mind towards all the goods from other ethnic groups. He has kept a positive attitude towards other languages and often used some words from English language at my home. Thus I have developed a strong curiosity even from my early childhood to learn English.
During my childhood I got the opportunity to play with an American boy who was staying near to my home ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Developing Ethnicity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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