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Film Critiques - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer or The Celestine Prophecy - Essay Example

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Only very few thrillers can shake our soul and perfect body i.e. our mind. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is one such movie. Based on the novel by Patrick…
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Film Critiques - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer or The Celestine Prophecy
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Download file to see previous pages Grenouille is an olfactory genius and the plot of the film is all about his homicidal trajectory for the quest of perfect scent.
The film has all the qualities of astonishing its audience. It opens with a scene where we find Grenouille is being executed. It is quite obvious from the name itself, that the film deals with some kind of homicidal crimes, initially the spectators of the movie would find it very normal. But the course of the film superbly changes within a couple of moments just after the beginning, when Tykwer transports us into the flashback and slowly builds up the climax of the movie. This change occurs when the executioner starts reading out his death sentence. This subtleties of the movie and its to and fro movement into the past and present makes it creative and at the same time it appeals very spontaneously to our nervous system.
Experts feel that it is difficult to make a film out of a novel. In this case always a comparison comes in but Tykwer was successful to transform the novel and bring out his own creation out of it through his own colours of screenplay and excellent cinematography. The sets were creative, at the same time quite realistic too. Creating an 18th century France is quite a challenging job. The fish market, the country inn, the city of Paris where the psychic olfactory perfectionist moved seemed quite convincing. The camera was almost like a narrator in the story and the use of a narrator and the narrative technique makes it almost like reading the novel itself.
The camera of Tykwer always results into visual richness and the music of the film compensates all it s flaws. The haunting score of the film by Reinhold Hell, Jonny Kimek and Tom Tykwer makes the grim subject matter of the film all the more disturbing. The film is well edited and it was quite challenging for Alexander Berner to edit the subtle movements of past and present and well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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