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Senior Phase Teaching Diverse Learners - Essay Example

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There are many transitioning options for students with disabilities and schools must make the appropriate changes to curriculum necessary for these individuals. One method is entailed the Family Involvement Workshop which “empowers families to successfully advocate for their…
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Senior Phase Teaching Diverse Learners
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Download file to see previous pages The school preparation for this activity involves providing families with psychological support literature and extending the family into the transitioning process.
This type of family-oriented workshop likely understands the difficulties of finding quality work as a disabled person and will rely on patient and tolerant family members to assist in this difficult process. This would appeal to the self-determination theory, by providing family members with information to give the disabled student the guidance necessary to remain self-motivated and focused on the tasks at hand.
To assist in this transition, the Australian government also ensures that schools have Interagency Collaboration workshops, which focus on developing a sense of teamwork with community individuals and professionals (, 2009). In addition, this module exposes disabled students to various literatures which highlights career options (and other services) after completing the senior phase of schooling. This type of transition module would appeal to the disabled students’ least dangerous assumptions, in terms of choosing a post-phase option which is best suited for their strengths and their limitations. In lieu of evidence which is earned through job experience, the disabled individual must be responsible for making decisions which will provide the least harm in the long-term to their unique, disabled positions.
Internally, human resources training is part of the steps taken to ensure disabled students are prepared for post-school options. Adequate teacher training is an “essential factor in helping students achieve greater self-determination” (Zhang and Stecker, 2001, p.293). Teachers are equipped with modern psychological and sociological theories to develop a program which is most effective for the emotional well-being of the disabled student during this period. Part of the preparation process is to ensure that teachers are equipped with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Senior Phase Teaching Diverse Learners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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